Climbing the Continental Divide

This weekend I was in Colorado with some friends, and it occurred to me that we were staying very close to the Continental Divide. I couldn’t resist renting a mountain bike and setting out to go find it. New friend Jono came with. After reaching the end of the local singletrack network, we took a forrest road – […]

Bikepacking the Great Allegheny Passage

  Last week I was in D.C. to visit a client, and to lead a workshop at the Smithsonian Institution. Having recently discovered and ridden a section of the Chesapeake and Ohio towpath and Great Allegheny Passage, I couldn’t resist the urge to bring my bike with me and set out on a weekend bikepacking adventure. The plan […]

Road Rash, Abandoned Barns, and Nocturnal Visitations

There are two fundamental tenets I keep in mind while on my bike: Any ride worth riding will include a non-trivial amount of suckiness Plan carefully, but also be prepared to change plans on the spot Last weekend’s out and back ride to the Delaware Water Gap was a perfect meditation on these tenets. The ride laid before […]

It Takes a Village to Save a Hard Drive

In the final days of  the XFR STN exhibition at the New Museum, we encountered what was hands-down the most challenging born-digital recovery to have occured during the run of the exhibition. On August 30th, artist Phil Sanders arrived at the New Museum with an amalgam floppy disks, and two external hard disk drives. XFR STN […]

Authenticity is Relative

For those interested in video game preservation, I highly recommend giving the following article a careful read: “In Search of Scanlines: The Best CRT Monitor for Retro Gaming.” Considering the wave of acquisitions at MoMA my colleagues and I have been spending a whole lot of time thinking about how display hardware shapes the visual experience […]

Analyzing Browser History

I recently participated in First Five – a Tumblr where guests list the first five websites they visit daily (my five here). Similar to recent contributor Luke Robert Mason, the concept seems foreign to me. As a poster child for consumption via aggregation, apps, and streams, I do not pull up my bookmarks in the morning as […]