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Nov 15th | 4-6pm
Guest Lecture @ NYU Media Archaeology lecture series.

Nov 18th | 7:00pm
Speaking @ “State of the Art” Discussion with Lauren Cornell, Jon Rafman, and Taryn Simon – for New Museum council members.

Nov 21st-23rd | details tk
Speaking @ Carnegie Museum of Art symposium “A Collection of Misfits: Time-Based Media and the Museum
Oct 11th | 2pm
Archivematica North-East users group meeting at MoMA. Details here.

Nov 9th | 9:45-11:15am
Panelist on “Archiving, Preservation and Access of Complex Artworks” panel at Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference.

Nov 11th | 6pm
Guest Lecture @ Media Archaeologies Institute, at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Nov 12th | 1:30pm
Digital Conservation Workshop @ Media Archaeologies Institute, at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sep 7th | 3pm
Moderated “Born Digital: Conservation in the Computer Age” panel w/ Lilian Schwartz, Lori Emerson, and Mathew Kirschenbaum, at the New Musuem of Contemporary Art

National Digital Stewardship Alliance, NYC chapter meeting. Presentation on Digital Conservation at MoMA

Speaker @ New York Archives Conference (NYAC) – Long Island University. Presentation on Digital Conservation at MoMA

Speaker @ American Institute of Conservators, Electronic Media Group – Indianapolis, IN. Presentation on initial findings of emulation case study at MoMA

Speaker @ Preservation and Archiving Special Interests Group (PASIG) – Washington, DC. “Easy, Effective, Emulation” on panel moderated by Bram van der Werf

Remote presentation @ Screening the Future Conference – Tate, London, UK. Presentation on the status of the DRMC at MoMA

Guest Speaker @ Duke University Library – preservation week “Digital Forensics, Emulation, and the Art of Restoration”

Remote Presentation @ Virginia Commons University Library – preservation week event. “Rise of the Digital Connoisseur”

Guest Speaker @ National Portrait Gallery – Washington, DC. Trusted Digital Repositories Roundtable

Moderator @ New Museum – “The Internet Before The Web, Preserving Early Networked Cultures” with Jason Scott and Wolfgang Staehle

North Carolina Preservation Consortium Annual Conference. “Methods for the Preservation of Born Digital Works of Art”

Guest Lecture and Workshop @ NYU Moving Image Archiving and Preservation – Digital Preservation course with Prof. Kara van Malssen.

Guest Lecture @ NYU Tisch – Museum Technologies course with Prof. Sean Redmond

Speaker @ NYPL Labs lecture series (New York Public Library Schwartzman building). “Preserving Digital Artifacts” lecture on digital conservation at Rhizome

Speaker @ Archiving the Arts Symposium – hosted by NYU chapter of the Association of Moving Image Archivists “Collaborative Curation: Designing for Preservation”

Speaker @ Annual meeting of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance – hosted by NDIIPP / Library of Congress. “Preserving Digital Culture” session, moderated by Kari Kraus

Speaker @ “Reasons to be Creative Conference” School of the Visual Arts, Presentation on digital conservation at Rhizome

Speaker @ ArtsTech Meetup, Eyebeam Art & Technology Center – Presentation on digital conservation at Rhizome

Guest Lecture @ Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, “Curating the Network” course with Prof. Lauren Cornell

Speaker @ American Institute of Conservators annual meeting, Electronic Media Group. “Conservation in Collections of Digital Works of Art” Albuquerque, NM


Speaker @ New Museum. “Keeping it Online” Rhizome event for Metropolitan Archivists Roundtable’s Archives Week.

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